Puppy Farm Breeders Have Just Three Priorities…..Money, Money, Money!

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Many of these puppy farm businesses are hidden away in areas far from public view and criticism. A friend of the charity, a volunteer, patiently gained the trust of a ruthless breeder that had 100 dogs at their very private installation.

Subsequently he persuaded them take let him take away the most physically and mentally damaged mothers and fathers that have been kept in cages for years. In the past few months 70 of these used and abused puppy farm dogs were rescued and taken in by the Pets In Spain animal charity and other animalista groups that they collaborate with.

Last week the charity accepted into their care two more, a 5 year old Bichon Maltese with no eyes, and on the same day Shih Tzu mother with a violent traumatic injury, a fractured bottom jaw, believed to have been inflicted on her approx 2 years ago. Despite their suffering both were forcibly bred to create puppies to sell.

The rescued dogs are now being provided with the very best veterinary treatment paid for by Pets In Spain with their rehabilitation and socialisation being managed in volunteer foster homes. They now have names, Tabitha and Tallulah.

Pets In Spain animal charity has an ongoing campaign to rescue more long suffering puppy farm mothers and fathers and are appealing for sponsors and donations to help them with the mounting veterinary bills…

By bank transfer to the charity’s bank account:
Account Name: Pets in Spain
Bank: Sabadell
IBAN: ES14 0081 0687 7700 0168 1672

Paypal to: info@petsinspain.com

Visit the charity’s web site at www.petsinspain.com or on Facebook: petsin.spain1.

A video of the two dogs featured in this article taken on the day of their rescue is on the Pets In Spain YouTube channel:

Our sincere thanks

Yvonne Lewis
The Pets In Spain team