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We are all aware just how absolutely vital human blood banks are for our health and wellbeing. Every day dogs just like your family pet need a blood transfusion; a necessity in many types of emergencies.

Dog blood donors are vital – veterinary surgeons cannot complete important and often life-saving operations on family pets without blood donated from another dog.

Currently there is no Canine blood bank on the Costa Blanca in Spain, so if your dog needs a blood transfusion where does the blood come from? The Pets In Spain animal charity has responded to appeals from local vets for a Dog Donor Register to provide blood for transfusions to help save the life of family pets.

Rescued dogs in the care of our charity have donated blood for seriously injured and chronically ill dogs, much to the relief of worried pet dog owners. This service by the charity is free of charge and collaborating veterinary clinics will carry out free blood tests on a dog that is brought in prior to the extraction of blood.

A donor dog reunion took place in November 2015 at the Pets In Spain charity shop in La Marina urbanisation which brought together previously rescued dogs that have donated blood.

Our charity has launched a new long term campaign for owners to register their dog on the Dog Donor register in order to meet the demand for much needed life-saving blood transfusions.

We do not receive any grants from local or regional government and we are totally self-funding relying on two charity shops, private donations, and generous sponsors to fund our many animal welfare projects.

Please help other dogs and contact us to register your dog on the blood donor register today. Or for more information contact us.

Stella: Registered blood donor dog.

Donor dogs, Pets in Spain charity shop.

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