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Pets in Spain is the centre point for animal rescue and rehoming in Spain. This animal charity is registered with the Valencian Regional Government. For lost and abandoned animals in Spain they provide the best of care with a great team of foster carers and all necessary veterinary treatment and rehabilitation for an animal.

In the case of a lost and found pet the Pets In Spain team has amazing success in reuniting lost pets with their owners. This is done thanks to their long established Europe-wide networking connections and in collaboration with many other animal rescue organisations.

Please support the Pets In Spain team, they need sponsors to raise funds and help them to rescue more abandoned and displaced family pets. Become a sponsor, or click here and discover how you can help.

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Our biggest expenditure is our monthly vet bills and our funds are constantly depleting. We have foster homes and other volunteers in place to take in more abandoned animals and help more desperate people that need to rehome a family pet. But to enable us to do this we need more funding from new sources.

Without more funds we cannot rescue more animals. Please show your support by making a donation. Your donation will be used to pay for the animals veterinary fees, medication, food, transportation costs, and on the odd occasion a stay in temporary kennel or cattery facilities.

We are currently homing 30/40 displaced pets each month (our target is to home at least 100 in a month), and with more funding we can achieve our goal. Please help the Pets in Spain team to rescue more animals.

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Talulah is a 4/5 year old Shih Tzu we rescued from a puppy farm. When the vet took a look at her teeth it was discovered she had a broken jaw so a specialist was brought in to operate and he surmised that it had been broken a couple of years ago and never treated, how a dog that lived in a tiny cage all her life received a broken jaw we can only guess. Apart from the jaw she is in great spirits and has settled in really well in her foster home. She is good with other dogs and has started to enjoy going out for walks. Email: info@petsinspain.com for more information
Torrevieja area.
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Bella is 5 years and has always lived with people. Unfortunately her owner has serious health problems and is not able to continue to care for her. Bella is a very sweet dog that loves to go for walks and, is a very happy girl and enjoys human contact. She is sterilised, chipped, vaccinated and good with other dogs. If interested in beautiful Bella please email: info@petsinspain.com
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You will be happy to see Mickey, Freddie and Annabelle, the kittens found in the shoe box beside the rubbish bins are all doing great. Their eyes are clearing up and have taken to the bottle. They are still tiny and going to take some more building up but we pray all 3 will be ok and available for adoption soon. ... See MoreSee Less

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Summer clothes are now available in both the Pets in Spain Charity shops. ... See MoreSee Less

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Today some cruel, heartless individual left 3 tiny kittens beside a mountain of rubbish next to a bin in a shoe box, luckily for them a kind gentleman was suspicious of this box with small holes in it and checked inside. They are just 3 weeks old and are way too young to leave their mother. They have a slight infection and have been prescribed drops to clear up their eyes but apart from that are in good health. They are now safe with one of our fosterers and will be bottle fed until old enough to go up for adoption. There is 1 girl and 2 boys. Fingers crossed they all survive and will go on to find forever homes where they will never be abandoned again. ... See MoreSee Less

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