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Pets in Spain is the centre point for animal rescue and rehoming in Spain. This animal charity is registered with the Valencian Regional Government. For lost and abandoned animals in Spain they provide the best of care with a great team of foster carers and all necessary veterinary treatment and rehabilitation for an animal.

In the case of a lost and found pet the Pets In Spain team has amazing success in reuniting lost pets with their owners. This is done thanks to their long established Europe-wide networking connections and in collaboration with many other animal rescue organisations.

Please support the Pets In Spain team, they need sponsors to raise funds and help them to rescue more abandoned and displaced family pets. Become a sponsor, or click here and discover how you can help.

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Our biggest expenditure is our monthly vet bills and our funds are constantly depleting. We have foster homes and other volunteers in place to take in more abandoned animals and help more desperate people that need to rehome a family pet. But to enable us to do this we need more funding from new sources.

Without more funds we cannot rescue more animals. Please show your support by making a donation. Your donation will be used to pay for the animals veterinary fees, medication, food, transportation costs, and on the odd occasion a stay in temporary kennel or cattery facilities.

We are currently homing 30/40 displaced pets each month (our target is to home at least 100 in a month), and with more funding we can achieve our goal. Please help the Pets in Spain team to rescue more animals.

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This friendly girl was found yesterday in the Oasis area of La Marina Urb. She appears to be in good health and very much a family dog. Will be checked for a microchip tomorrow, if anyone recognises her please either message us on here or call: 0047-40720929 or 675100266‬
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Puppy farm breeders care very much about three things, money, money, money!
Too many of them believe that they are a law unto themselves, and sadly, this is so. Their ‘businesses’ are hidden away in areas far from public view and criticism. A friend of a friend gained the trust of a breeder that used and abused over 100 dogs at their very private installation and subsequently he persuaded them take let him take away the most worn out and damaged mothers and fathers that had been locked away in an outside wooden shed for years. Over a period of many months he brought some of the dogs to us.
In this latest video is a 5 year old Maltese that has no eyes, but still she was forcibly bred to create little puppies to sell. The other dog is a totally worn out puppy breeding Shih Tzu mother. She has a violent trauma injury that must happened up to 2 years ago, breaking her bottom jaw and never having received any treatment for this. She too, despite this traumatic injury, probably the result of a violent kick, was forcibly bred to create little puppies to sell.
Please support our cause for us rescue more long suffering puppy farm mothers and fathers.
Paypal to info@petsinspain.info
or bank transfer to the charity account:
Account Name: Pets in Spain
Bank: Sabadell
IBAN: ES14 0081 0687 7700 0168 1672
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Brilliant news, just received this message from Otto’s owner:
Otto is home again, we picked him today in a shelter in the Murcia region, the police drove him yesterday, as all shelters closer are overcrowded. He was found at a gas station at the entrance to Guardamar. He has gone many miles from the place there he disappeared. I want to thank, who gave me support and shared his picture at fb, you are wonderful friends ❤ 1000 thanks. Otto is now bathing and sleeping well and I'm so glad to have my big babies back. Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day .
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One of our lovely supporters, Dawn Peers has sadly passed away suddenly. Her husband Dave and family have kindly donated 200€ to Pets in Spain from the money they raised from donations after her fun...

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