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 Cute & Loving!

This kitten was living in a car engine compartment in a parked car on a driveway. The owners of the house are currently in the UK. Crying out loudly for food most nights a neighbour contacted us for our advice.

They were very keen to get involved in the rescue of this kitten and when understanding the correct procedures to adopt, the kitten was coaxed into spending most of his time in their house.

However, they return to the UK before the end of July so we continue to work with them to help find him his forever home.

He has been health checked, internal and external parasite preventative treatment has administered today by the vet. He is just 15 weeks and will be a perfect cat companion. He has been named Pickle

If you would like to offer a forever home to Pickle, please click on the contact us link below to for more information.

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