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Megan & Harry

What a Royal Couple!

Harry has now been adopted but Megan is still looking for her forever home.

A very small and human friendly cat carried her two new born kittens into the conservatory of a house and created a nest for them. The house owners had seen the mother before and been feeding her. They let her stay and protected her and the kittens. They were very concerned as they were due to return to the Uk in 7 days. Thanks to our very good friends and fellow volunteers at The Mews cattery and the FAB cattery we were able to secure a place for them and keep them together during this the most important period of their lives.

Megan (the white ginger point kitten) and Harry, are now 5 weeks and being weaned and can be reserved now.

If you would like to offer a forever home to Megan, please click on the contact us link below to for more information.

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