Pets in Spain | Registered Animal Charity, La Marina Alicante Spain


Adorable & Loving!

Henry is 1 of 3 pups we rushed to rescue after the owner of the mum called to
say the pups were seriously ill and 1 had already died, we rushed all 3 to the
vets and they confirmed what we already suspected, Parvo Virus. They were 
immediately put on a drip and stayed in the vets 5 days, thankfully all 3 
recovered and 2 have already been adopted.
Henry is the smallest of the 3 and he's so adorable. He's loving the attention
he's getting from his 2 big German shepherd foster brothers and his foster
parents. He is a German Shepherd x Belgian Shepherd, around 12 weeks old and
will be medium/large when fully grown.

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