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Such a Cute Survivor!

Six weeks ago this four-week-old kitten was spotted in the gutter beside the main N332 road. Exactly how she got there is not known, she was injured, unable to put any weight on her back left leg and her left eye was closed and swollen. It was a miracle that she was still alive.

She was placed into a foster home but needed regular visits to the vet clinic for treatment including manual administration just to empty her bladder. A week later we were so relieved when she started using the injured leg and to pass urine without manual manipulation by a vet. A few days later, despite treatment to her eye, it worsened and bulged out and she was rushed during the night to the emergency animal hospital in Guardamar.

A scan revealed that she had a large abscess undoubtedly caused by the physical trauma shortly before she was rescued. Unfortunately after 5 days in the animal hospital on intravenous drips, the decision was made to remove the eye.

Now back in her foster home, she is running around playing with anything that moves. We have named her Button and for some lucky person, she will make the most wonderful pet companion.

If you would like to offer a forever home to this Button, please click on the contact us link below for more information.

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