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The Rojales Rescue Dogs

Forever Homes Needed !

These 2 little dogs were found today on the riverside in Rojales after they had been thrown over the dike wall onto the riverbank below. Shocked after their horrendous ordeal they froze in fear and huddled together. Maddy, a Facebook friend of ours got down onto the the riverbank and waded through mud to get to them.

The little girl was limping. A visit to the vet clinic and an X-ray revealed that there may be old untreated fractures and a possible new hip displacement injury. The vet is sending the x-ray to a specialist so we will know more next week.

The girl (laid down in the photo) looks like a chihuahua cross and is around 2 years old. The little boy is a puppy around 6 months and although traumatized he appears to be in good health. They are now in one of our foster homes and we hope that soon they will be available for adoption.



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