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Milly and Tilly

Such Devoted Sisters!

Milly and Tilly are looking for a new home after their owner decided they no longer wanted them and was going to send them to a perrera. A friend stepped in and took them into her home but these little girls are traumatised and really need a loving home where there are no other dogs or at least just 1 other. They are 11 year old sisters and have never been apart, they eat, sleep and drink together at the same time. Ideally they need a home with an older couple that will give them the quiet life they need and have patience and love to help them overcome whatever they have been through. They are Chihuahuas, the brown one weighs 5 kilos and the white one 3.5 kilos so both are just small girls. They are chipped and vaccinated and in good health.

If you would like to offer a forever home to Milly and Tilly, please click on the email link below to contact us for more information.